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About us

We are trying to solve the most complex problems in the fields of communication industry & at the same time to create simple solutions for large organizations and enterprises. That's how we came up with auvious. A multi-purpose & multi-industry, unified communications platform.

Auvious answers all challenges of modern communication:

O1 High friction, disjointed customer journeys across channels
O2 Browser plugins & compatibility issues
O3 Complex, expensive architectures


Video on premise


Now you can extent your existing sip contact center with WebRTC video communications. Auvious works with Genesys, Cisco, Avaya etc.

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AI Contact Center


A Video contact center solution with smart routing, agent assist, presence, call transfering & AI features.

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Browser based video / audio meetings platform with a handful of features to make collaboration effortless.

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Browser based e-learing platform with both asychronous & live lessons.

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We support numerous features which can be used in several use cases across all industries or verticals. All the features can be enabled/disabled upon request.

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Key features

Microservices architecture
Easy & scalable
Flexible & customisable
Vendor agnostic
Minimal bandwidth
Self healing
Works with any client
Fast setup
With inherent intelligence

Supercharge your communications with our powerful APIs & create innovative customer experiences with programmable communication building blocks. Cloud or on premise, it's up to you.

Our engine helps growing businesses and enterprises enhance their customer experience and realize new business outcomes at scale.

Why us

We are on track to simplify communications in large scale.

Closing the gap between Telecom & IT industries and creating a new era of for omnichannel communications.

To put it in simply. Because are solutions are faster, lower-cost & tailor made for you.

* Example below from a real life case for a communications solution ( internal and external )

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Our state of the art architecture give us the ability to create tailor made solutions and solve your business problems.

If you are interested in creating a communication solution for your company you can contact us and provide your with poc in a matter of time.