Plans and pricing

Auvious is a pay-as-you-go service. We only charge the active users, and there is no upfront commitment. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

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Fair use policy : We reserve the right to contact and
limit users who exceed what we consider fair use.
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Fair billing

Most enterprise software pricing is designed to charge you per user regardless of how many people on your team are actively using the software. If you buy 1,000 seats but only use 100, you still get charged for 1,000. We don’t think that’s fair. And it’s also hard to predict how many seats you’ll need in advance.

At Auvious, you only get billed for what you use. So you don’t pay for the users that aren’t using Auvious. And if someone you’ve already paid for becomes inactive, we’ll even add a prorated credit to your account for the unused time. Fair’s fair.

Auvious for Good

We want to support people in the world who are doing good things. That’s why we offer special discount pricing for qualified nonprofit organizations.