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Way beyond meetings. Are you a school teacher or a professional coach? This is the only software you will ever needto train your employees, partners,customers and students.


Create & edit courses and courses sections.


Create a course

Complete the form with the course info details such as the Title, Area, Level, course info & the objectives.



Any member of your team can become an instructor in a course, as long as he/she was assigned as an instructor in "Manage members" page.


Course Sections

Each course is divided in sections, like chapters in a book, which can span to a period of time.


Scheduled Sessions

In order to enroll to a course a session must be scheduled, defining when will it start and the enrollment period.

All the Features

Course catalog

High Quality Video & Audio

Advanced Whiteboard

Real time Presentation

High Quality Screenshare

Note Editor

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No credit card needed.